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Dr. Goudeaux personally knows how effective witnessing can be, because that is how he came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior 40 years ago. It was a young, bold, white college kid who witnessed to him God’s saving grace and it changed his life forever.

Being diligent in chasing down a then-militant Black Panther in need of salvation, and using some of the same tools and techniques taught in the Witnessing Institute, he delivered the Word with power and precision.

Because of Dr. Goudeaux’s own radical transformation, his passion is and always will be for souls. What God wants the most, is souls. But that’s also what Satan wants.

God needs more Christians to be thankful and grateful enough to be bold witnesses for the kingdom. The Witnessing Institute will transform you, your church, your family and the lives of everyone who practices the principles taught in this transformational ministry.