Life Group

What are Life groups?
• Life groups are small groups of people who meet at least once a month, at location outside of the church.
• The purpose of the life group is to develop godly relationships, edify the spiritual growth of the new believer and cast a net for new souls to be won into the kingdom of God. (Acts 6:7, Acts 20:21)

Life groups are comprised of:
1. The Host—person who provides the location
2. The Leader—person trained to lead the cell
3. The Timothy—the person who is the right hand of the leader
4. The Participants-every active member and any person invited to the meeting.

Biblical records of life groups
• Matthews 9:10 Jesus continually ministered in houses
• Matthew 9:23-24 Jesus performed healings in houses
• Mark 9:33-35 Jesus used houses to train his 12
• Matthew 26:17-18 the Lords supper was for the first time in a house
• Acts 2:2-4 The Holy Spirit was first poured out in a house
• Acts 2:42 The Church was founded in the homes.

The Importance of the Life Group Vision
• The success of a church is in its life groups.
• Life groups allow you to mentor one-on-one.
• Jesus cared about reaching everyone’s need, so He developed His ministry by being in touch with people, without being limited by a place (Mark 6:34).
• Pastoral work is developed in an easier way when the whole workload does not lie upon only the Pastor.
• Life groups are small groups that strengthen the church. The evangelistic work is carried out within the life groups since new people are invited to every meeting and can be won for Christ. Also the new believer is edified through the teaching in order to become useful instruments when the life group multiplies.
• Life groups are a way to supply everyone’s need. Not only spiritual needs are met but emotional and sometimes material needs are met. They are designed to meet the needs of its partners in the same way as it used to be in Acts 2:44-47.
• Life groups are a source of training for the twelve. The Power of 12 Leaders will gather 12 disciples from their life groups to develop for leadership. Within the life group, you will be able to see who is most successful in bearing fruit. (Luke 6:12-17).