Bridge Foundation/Overcomers

The Overcomers Program was founded by Calvary Christian Center in 1995 as a community outreach ministry to provide residential assistance to men and women with addictive or debilitating challenges such as alcohol/drug, spousal/sexual abuse, and homelessness.

The Program treats approximately 200 men and women yearly in a 3 phase 40/week program of individual and family counseling, classroom instruction, and work therapy focused on recovery, rehabilitation and return to the workplace or continuing education.

During the past 15 years, the Program has 1) returned more than two hundred seventy-nine graduates to society as assets rather than liabilities with a low recidivism rate 2) reunited over 75 families previously shattered by abusive and destructive behavior, and 3) provided assistance in employment or business ownership for nearly 75% of our graduates.

In 2008, in response to requests to expand the Program to the greater Central Valley Region, the northern California-based Bridge Foundation, a non-profit organization, in a bold commitment to the mission of the Overcomers Ministry, assumed operation of the Program and continues to assist the once powerless to become empowered, purpose-filled, committed men and women equipped to manage and sustain themselves and their families.

Program partners include the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Child Protective Services, Calvary Christian Center, Sacramento County Probation Department, Sacramento County Health and Human Services, Home Depot, Valley Home Opportunities and others.