Fellowship Covenant Ministries International (FCMI)

“It is my belief that every Christian’s destiny is leadership. Our goal in creating FCMI was to develop a learning environment where pastors, evangelists, and Christian leaders could be trained to reach their peak potential as Christian leaders.” Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux

Our History

Fellowship Covenant Ministries, International (FCMI) is an international collaborative of pastors, teachers, and businessmen and women created to build and improve the leadership and business management skills of leaders in the body of Christ. Dr. Phillip Goudeaux, founder of FCM International, saw the need for professional development for leaders in ministry and business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify resources to build and support the development of Christian leadership worldwide.

Our Purpose

The FCMI model for leadership development focuses on four key components:

Fellowship – A shared cause and purpose supported with a committment of time and resources.

Covenant – A commitment to God and to one another.

Ministries – Diverse ministries and cultures joining together in unity to bring in the end time harvest.

International – International in our aim and focus with a common goal of winning the world for Christ.

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