Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux

Pastor GoudeauxIn addition to being a world-renown pastor, teacher, author, and motivational speaker, Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux is a committed and loving husband to his wife, Dr. Brenda K. Goudeaux, and a devoted father to their three children: Kimetra Goudeaux-Ayers, Phillip Goudeaux II, and Nehemiah Goudeaux.

Raised in a turbulent environment by a single mother, Dr. Goudeaux opens the eyes of many with his acclaimed book and ministry series Where are the Fathers?, which reminds readers that Jesus Christ is a father to the fatherless. The hand of God, the father, is certainly evident in Dr. Goudeauxs’ life. The Goudeaux children and their spouses, they work and serve along with their parents Drs. Phillip & Brenda Goudeaux.


Born April 6, 1949 in San Francisco, CA, Dr. Goudeaux grew up in North Sacramento, CA attending Norte Del Rio High School. After graduating, he studied criminal justice at California State University with the aspiration of proceeding on to law school. The young Goudeaux was a decorated amateur boxer and a member of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense before accepting Jesus Christ as Lord of his life and undergoing a radical transformation.

After graduating, Dr. Goudeaux became the first African-American engineer in Southern Pacific Railroad’s Northern California Division. While there, he felt the call on his life to go into ministry. In 1980, he and his lovely wife, Brenda, founded Calvary Christian Center. He earned a Bachelors degree in Theology from Pacific Coast Bible College and an honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Northwest London University in 1987. As he grew in ministry and wisdom, the church grew along with him.

Church Growth

Starting with sixteen members, Calvary Christian Centers first home was in Sacramento’s small Interfaith Service Bureau building. The Red Lion Inn (now the Double Tree) and Grant High School were other interim homes before Pastor Goudeaux believed for and bought Calvary’s first building at 2665 Del Paso Blvd. The church subsequently acquired numerous buildings to host the thriving ministry and built the 2,500 seat sanctuary at 2667 Del Paso Blvd.

For nearly 36 years, Dr. Goudeaux has fought the good fight of faith to make Calvary Christian Center one of the fastest growing multi-cultural congregations serving over 17,000 members. The ministry offers various Christian education programs, residential drug/alcohol recovery programs, weekly fresh produce and grocery give aways, assistance to the needy, monthly business breakfasts, youth and young adult ministries, senior ministry, dance troupes, theatre arts, singles and married ministries, bereavement, weddings, counseling, and a host of other services for all ages.

Empowering Others

Dr. Goudeax is the founding father of Faith Covenant Ministries International, an international coalition of ministries and businesses organized to build the leadership capacity of kings and priests by providing resources, skill-building workshops, and networking opportunities. FCMI holds monthly breakfasts and international conferences to mentor and impart to thousands of spiritual children and their constituents. Dr. Goudeaux also spearheaded the National Christian Chamber of Commerce to provide resources and connections to the Christian business community.


As a committed Pastor, civic leader, and international speaker, Dr. Goudeaux has received numerous civic and religious awards. They include: the 2006 President’s Call to Service Award from the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation by President George W. Bush, the Outstanding Community Service Award from the Southwest Regional Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., the Outstanding Community Service Award by Senator John T. Doolittle, and the International Convention of Faith Ministries (ICFM) District Director of the Year for 1990 and 1991.

As an advocate for the preservation of Christian family values, Dr. Goudeaux was appointed by President Bill Clinton to serve as an Advisory Board member on the Committee for the Restoration of Black Families. Additionally, the Mayor and the City Council of Sacramento drafted a Resolution for the Betterment of Humanity honoring Dr. Goudeaux’s contributions in building healthy communities in Sacramento. The California State Senate also honored Dr. Goudeaux in 1995 with a Certificate of Recognition for Faithful Ministry.

In Ministry

In addition to the mother church in Del Paso Heights, other campuses under Goudeaux’s leadership include Elk Grove, Marysville, Olivehurst, Plumas Lake, West Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Stockton, Roseville and Woodland. Dr. Goudeaux’s Faith Alive Television sermons are streamed from our website and heard all over the world and in Sacramento on ABC and Comcast Cable.

Mrs. Goudeaux says Dr. Goudeaux was initially upset when she told him that she believed her husband would be a minister. He was just coming out of the Black Panther Party, so I didnt want to push it. she says. Full of vitality and energy, Dr. Goudeaux now conducts 6 services on Sunday, as well as two midweek services. He makes himself available to his congregation, staying after services to greet new members and to pray for people. Pastors half his age are amazed at what he does every week. He is living proof of his proclamation that the gospel is the pill for every ill.